Entering new markets, deciding to divest, diversify or return to core activities, searching for new business opportunities working with Orrizon as your experienced and impartial advisor will help you to maximize value. Our mission is to help companies to achieve their desired results in virtually every type of transaction. 
To ensure the success of an acquisition, it is imperative that an appropriate evaluation of the risks and benefits of the proposed transaction is undertaken. Orrizon has a team of dedicated professionals that have undertaken tax and financial investigations (often referred to as “due diligence”) on targets across several industry sectors, to uncover information specifically relevant for potential buyers. 
Orrizon provides the following services:
  • Development of business and strategic plans 
  • Analysis of investment projects
  • Pre-deal evaluation
  • Tax due diligence
  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax expertise structuring
  • Advisory on the financial aspects
  • Special-purpose audits and evaluation of risks
  • Express-audits (tax, corporate)
  • Risk management set-up