Our company takes the client’s employees on as Orrizon’s own headcount, thus becoming the legal employer, responsible for payroll, taxes, HR documents and compliance with the labour code of the Russian legislation. 
The challenges you face:
  • You want to reduce your headcount 
  • You want to eliminate administrative and financial workload 
  • You want the size of your workforce to be  totally flexible You want to ensure compliance with changing and complex labor legislation
How Orrizon can support you:
Our range of services encompasses all areas of payroll and personnel administration. We provide you with reliable and professional support:     

  • Calculating and paying salaries - payroll
  • Opening a bank account for each employee
  • Calculating and paying taxes and fees, and accounting reporting
  • Handling HR paperwork
  • Processing paperwork for advance payments
  • Handling paperwork for business trip expenses
  • Calculating vacations and holiday pay
  • Developing and implementing additional insurance systems: retirement, voluntary health insurance, etc.