New laws, new compensation models, and special issues are among the constant changes a company's human resources staff has to contend with. Only companies with sufficient flexibility and targeted deployment of resources can secure their position and strengthen it over the long term. 
The challenges you face:
  • You want to free up employee time which can be spent on more productive duties in-house
  • Security and data confidentiality are high on your agenda 
  • You want to be stay informed of complex and changing employment legislation
  • You want to reduce the risk of having your only payroll employee on holiday or ill at a critical time
  • You want to save on costs by avoiding the overhead associated with employing a dedicated payroll specialist in-house 
How Orrizon can support you:
Our range of services encompasses all areas of your payroll. We can give you reliable and professional support tailored to your needs:
  • Salary, taxes and contributions calculation, preparation of regulatory reports and primary documents
  • Calculation of payments for sickness, vacation, terminations, severance pay and other remuneration provided by the Russian legislation
  • Calculation of remuneration under civil law contracts signed with individuals
  • Preparation of obligatory tax, contributions and State reports on salaries
  • Preparation of payment documents to the bank
  • Preparation of managerial reports on salaries, taxes and contributions in the requested format
  • Client representation before tax and other state authorities
  • Consultancy in the application of tax and labor legislation of the Russian Federation