Administration has traditionally been a key part of every HR team’s day-to-day activities. But under increasing pressure to add value to organizations, today’s HR professionals must balance their administrative responsibilities with a new, strategic role. 
The challenges you face:
  • You want to free the HR team from time-consuming paperwork and data entry so that they can concentrate on more productive duties in-house 
  • Security and data confidentiality are high on your agenda 
  • You want to stay informed about complex and changing employment legislation 
  • You want to reduce the risks associated with having a single employee responsible for all HR administration
  • You want to save money by avoiding the overhead associated with employing a dedicated HR specialist in-house 
How Orrizon can support you:
Our range of services encompasses all areas of your personnel administration. We can give you reliable and professional support tailored to your needs:
  • Preparation of documents for new employment and dismissal
  • Maintenance of labor books
  • Execution of staff appointments
  • Maintenance of sick and vacation documents
  • Preparation of civil-law agreements and certificates of acceptance
  • Preparation of mandatory medical insurance cards for employees
  • Consultancy in the application of labor legislation of the Russian Federation