A global business can become entangled in a complex web of tax rules and regulations in unfamiliar territories. At Orrizon, we help align the tax strategies of our clients with their business needs while meeting compliance obligations. 
Orrizon helps its clients engage in effective tax planning to manage their company’s overall liability. Our experienced Tax professionals can help you recognize the tax consequences of business moves, and support and advocate your tax position. We stay ahead of pending change so that we can analyze how new tax laws and regulations will affect your business. 
Orrizon provides the following services:
  • Tax consulting 
  • Corporate tax structuring 
  • Tax reviews of company activities and identification of possible approaches to tax optimization
  • Advice on international tax planning
  • Consultation on corporate taxation issues (profit tax, property tax, value added tax, etc.)
  • Development of tax accounting policy and system
  • Advice on resolving disputes with Tax authorities